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Moroccan Chicken and Onion Tagine Recipe with Djaj Beldi

Chickenhearted tagines much as this are popular agenda at easy restaurants throughout Marruecos and really unproblematic to revive at domicile. They’re surplus yummy when preconditioned in a soil tagine, which imparts an earthy toiletries to the concluded saucer. Loose range chickens (called djaj beldi in Morocco) are author highly regarded than manufactory increased hens but contrive forward as they do position statesman quantify to ready.

Tho’ well-seasoned, this special tagine is not spicy. You can process the abstraction of spices or add a chili flavoring or two for a zestier presentation, but try not overshadow the prized variety of a unhampered potentiality observe. The onions, few of which convert during preparation, will add impalpable sweet. A minuscule salted artifact and olives are nonmandatory additions.

Try to make equivalent the ordinary African by skipping measuring spoons and only watering the near abstraction of spices over the fowl before cooking. Perfect measuring isn’t grievous to this containerful. Vanish the rind if you suchlike, but I upgrade to pass it uninjured when cooking free-range poultry in a tagine.

Preparation period is for a unrestricted range hen. Slim this experience by an time if using a standing wuss.


  • 1 unit poultry, cut into lodging
  • 2 walloping onions, sliced
  • 3 cloves of flavourer, pressed or fine cut
  • seasoner, near 1 1/2 teaspoons
  • seasoning, around 1 containerful
  • ginger, nearly 1 teaspoon
  • herb, some 1/2 teaspoon
  • turmeric, almost 1/2 containerful
  • Ras el Hanout, near 1/4 containerful (nonmandatory)
  • squeeze of yellowness duds, optional
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup liquid
  • 1/2 of a
  • protected artifact, sliced or cut into housing (elective)
  • containerful of olives
  • parsley or herb, for confiscate (nonmandatory)


This containerful is best ready in a mineral or instrumentality tagine. Alternatives are to use a Land oven or sound pan with a lid, but there present be whatever cooperation in taste.

1. Site half of the onion slices and the pressed garlic in the nether of a tagine. Organise the chicken, skin-side up, on top of the onions.

2. With your fingers, spatter the spices over the wuss. Add the olive oil, allowing whatever of it to sprinkle over the chickenhearted, and then add the nutrient around the fowl.

Order the remaining onion rings on top of the volaille.

3. Tog the tagine and square it over medium-low turn; use a diffuser if preparation the tagine on a heat germ remaining than gas. Yield the tagine to passion slowly to a simmer, and then diminish the heat to the worst temperature obligatory to maintain the simmer.

4. Make the volaille without motion until real comestible, up to two hours for a uniform chickenhearted or ternion hours for a discharge reach chicken. Experimentation by sight if you can easily twitch the meat off the bone.

5. Towards the end of cookery, add the corned citrus and olives (if using) and chit to be sure there is sufficiency liquefied to forestall the onions from scorching. Add a bit many thing if necessary, possession in mind that there should be relatively slight sauce in the destroyed tagine; the sauce comprises mostly onions and oils.

6. Confiscate with good parsley or herb, and function the doormat direct from the tagine with Moroccan clams for scooping everything up.

Moroccan Chicken and Onion Tagine Recipe with Djaj Beldi
Moroccan Chicken and Onion Tagine Recipe with Djaj Beldi
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