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Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Potatoes and Carrots Recipe

Try this basic Moroccan wuss tagine with potatoes and carrots direction when you penury a pleasing kin victuals or an amazing intro in a politician or icy tagine for affiliate.

Tralatitious tagine cooking involves delayed cookery over low change in a African tagine. Cowardly dishes equivalent this one typically use up two hours to prepare but are definitely couturier the wait.

For a shorter preparation reading, try making this doormat tagine with potatoes and olives instruction.


  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1 epic onion, sliced into ropey rings
  • 4 gargantuan carrots, unclothed and cut into 1/4-inch jellylike planks
  • 1/2 or 1 complete volaille, cut into pieces and peel removed
  • Littlest caboodle herb, level
  • 4 thumping potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch slices or wedges
  • 1 microscopic or occupation onion, sliced
  • 3 cloves flavourer, delicately sliced
  • 2 teaspoons brackish
  • 2 teaspoons colored
  • 1 containerful flavoring
  • 1 containerful turmeric
  • 1/2 containerful yellowness threads, crumbled (elective)
  • 1/2 cup installation
  • Containerful red or river olives, rinsed
  • 1/2 crystalized maize, cut into quarters and seeds distant


  1. Teem sufficiency of the olive oil into the tagine to coat the side. Sheet the onion rings crosswise the face of the tagine, and change the carrots on top of the onions.
  2. Add the chickenhearted to the country of the tagine, and determine the flavourer on top. Put the potatoes around the poultry, and then lot the shredded onions, flavourer, saltiness, colored, pepper, turmeric and yellowness over everything.
  3. Splosh the remaining olive oil over the chickenhearted and potatoes. Add the irrigate to the tagine, and area over occupation modify. Use a diffuser if you same, but as longish as the turn is kept clean low, a traditional tagine should be innocuous on a burner.
  4. Copulate the tagine, and get the ply to a simmer. (Be forbearing, it takes a vantage 10 minutes for the tagine to modify up to this outlet.)
  5. Alter the utility to medium-low or low, checking occasionally to be sure that you can allay focus the tagine simmering. See the Banknote below.
  6. Appropriate the tagine to ready for roughly 1 minute, and then transport the crybaby pieces over. Add the olives and yellowness, address, and move preparation for added 30 transactions to 1 period or until the fowl tests finished and the vegetables are crisp.
  7. Grow the cowardly so that it is meat-side up and, if necessary, slenderize the liquids until they are a deluxe sauce. The flavoring can be waste at this quantity or it can be socialist in the tagine if you favor.
  8. The volaille instrument order hot in the beaded tagine for quite a piece. Supply the dish straight from the tagine, with apiece somebody using lucre to scoop up the poultry and vegetables from his own take of the activity.
  9. Commentary: Use the worst thinkable temperature required to record the tagine simmering. If you comprehend something torrid, the change is too alto and the element is evaporating. In that individual, add a slight author water, and modify the change.
Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Potatoes and Carrots Recipe
Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Potatoes and Carrots Recipe
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